Small and Tiny industries who do job work for major manufacturing units constantly face the challenge of providing information on demand pertaining to Planned Dispatches, Production and Stock Status. Lack of such crucial information puts the owner or the top management in a difficult situation in front of the customer.

We have developed a mini ERP called JobTrack to access and have the necessary information handy all the time. Using this system, the exact status of the Customer material including Invoices and outstanding payments shall be available in your smart phone at any given time!

JobTrack brings control and visibility into Customer Material Accounting at various stages of job work.

Benefits of Job Track

  • Online Access to details of Inward, Dispatch, Billing and outstanding payments
  • Computer generated Dispatch Documents
  • Avoids Manual mistakes such as wrong challan mapping, negative stock etc.
  • Accurate Invoicing
  • Customer wise / Part wise Stock Statement
  • Easy month end reconciliation
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Petty cash and expense monitoring
  • Spares and Consumables Inventory Management

Features of Job Track

  • Web enabled multi user solution
  • Integrates with smart phones, tabs and other computing devices
  • SMS and eMail alerts
  • User access control

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